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Top Tips How to Crack AMCAT Exam in First Attempt Tips and Tricks – Check Here

Top Tips How to Crack AMCAT Exam

AMCAT exam is being conducted by Aspiring Minds , It is an adaptive test, which means that the next question will solely depends upon how you answer the current question, if you answer current question correctly then next question will be of bit of tough level, and if you answer incorrectly then level will be lower and so on . so if you keep correcting all questions you will surely witness quite mind twisting questions on the screen.

We can’t say the exact time you will take for the amcat exam preparation but if you are serious enough for exam then roughly it gonna take a week or two.

Now comes to the point, how to crack AMCAT exam while not wasting a single penny on the random stuff. Please read all the below points carefully to get good marks/ percentiles in amcat exam.

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Tips to Score Good Marks in English Section 

In English section of amcat exam , there will be two passages. Each passage has 2-3 questions. So you need to read and understand the meaning of passage very carefully without wasting much time on it , you should not take more than 2 min to read the passage otherwise you can not complete the questions in given time. Once you read and understand the passage, start attempting the questions. If you are getting unable in answering some questions please do not stuck, it is advisable to move ahead and attempt next questions.

P.S: We recommend that you should not skip passages, it is a scoring section.

Tips to Score Good Marks in Logical Reasoning Section 

For the logical section in AMCAT, You should follow the R.S. Aggarwal Verbal Reasoning Book and have a good practice on statement & arguments section, Data Sufficiency, Directional sense, Blood relations and puzzles.

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Tips to Score Good Marks in Aptitude Section

For Aptitude section, you can rely on R.S. Aggarwal Aptitude Book and along side you should practice on indiabix . Sections you need to do more practice are Logarithms, Probability,  Simple and Compound Interests, HCF and LCM, Profit and Loss, Permutations, Combinations, Time, Speed and Distance etc.

In this sections you must keep watch on time , you should not stuck on any questions . Time is very limited. There will be easy question on your way so do not try to solve everything.


Tips to Score Good Marks in Programming Section

For Computer Programming section, You should revise OOPs Concepts and other important topics you should make catch upon are Pointers, Operator Overloading, Overriding and inheritance.

If you are CSE/IT candidates you should have Data Structure Basics :Sorting techniques to use out of (Heap/Shell/Insertion/Radix), Trees etc.

Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory Test

This module is to test your overall personality and is used to assess candidates in people-interaction and people-management roles.
Number of Questions: 80

Module Duration: 20 min

This section is very easy. You need to complete the questions in time. You’ll get good percentile in this section.

For Computer Science in AMCAT:

Computer Science is most confusing section . Most of the Candidates avoid this section  but you should prepare it as well . Because most of the IT companies consider this section as one of the parameter for their candidates selection .
In Computer Science sections:

Number of Questions: 26

Time Duration: 22 min.

So please don’t take more than 50 seconds in each question, To have good percentage in this section you need to catch following topics :

Operation System (OS) Basics (Computer Architecture , Process Management and Synchronization, Memory and I/O Management, Time Scheduling Algorithms),
DBMS (Relational Model, Schema, Weak/Strong Entity, Relational Algebra) ,
SQL (Normalization, Architecture, Indexing),
Computer Networks Basics (Basics of networking and communication, OSI, TCP/IP layers and protocols, Network Devices and Routing Algorithms).

 For Syllabus more detailed information : AMCAT Syllabus and Sample Papers 2016

Along with above preparation tips here are some on the go tips you can follow to perform better in AMCAT EXAM.

1. Get your basic clear and strong for each section, you don’t have to go into deep study.

2. You should go through previous year AMCAT exam papers and get an overview what type of questions AMCAT asked in the exam.

3. You must have proficiency in English language, speaking and written both, because AMCAT is just a initial barrier later in interview English will help you a lot.

4. Practice for all section , Give time according to your capacity.

5. Try mock exam to test you preparation level .

6. Time management is key to success in AMCAT exam , try to build it.

After MOCK test you will get a personalized score sheet with detailed scores and percentiles, additionally textual feedback on strengths, weaknesses , which section and where to improve.

Qualifying Criteria in AMCAT

In order to get qualified for AMCAT candidates are required to get at least 60% in the exam. The score of 85% or above is considered as a good score for interview call from good reputed companies .

looking for Eligibility Criteria in AMCAT ???

AMCAT Eligibility Criteria

Here we are done with ” Top Tips How to Crack AMCAT Exam ” For more detail about AMCAT  you can visit their official website or you can comment below, we will reach you back with appropriate answer .

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