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AMCAT Management Syllabus 2019-20 – MBA Syllabus for amcat Test

AMCAT Management Syllabus 2019-2020 – It is like a dream come true for the students who want to appear for AMCAT exams. Our experts team has designed the AMCAT Management Syllabus for the deserving candidates who want to establish their career through AMCAT. this information is taken from official website of amcat.

AMCAT Management Syllabus 2019

We are here with the full details of Syllabus of AMCAT. It checks the intelligence and knowledge of the students from different fields through various domains. It checks in-depth micro analysis in each domain. Test pattern is designed in such a way so that inspiring candidates can get the accurate information of the test pattern and syllabus of AMCAT for MBA.

Here the applicants has to solve the questions from the following subjects-

Banking and Financial Services Syllabus

This module is designed to check the knowledge of the candidates in financial matters. The candidates has to answer 27 questions in 20 minutes.

Detailed Syllabus of Banking and Financial Services-

Investment products

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Derivatives

Banking Products

  • Banking
  • Debt

Basic Economics and Taxation

  • Macro economics
  • Taxation

Marketing syllabus

This module checks all the aspects of the marketing skills in candidates. It includes market research, planning and strategy and also principles of economics and which ever skills are required by the marketing professional.

The candidates has to answer 24 questions in the time limit of 20 minutes.

Detailed syllabus of Marketing

Basic Concepts of Marketing

  • Markets and Marketing Management
  • Analyzing Consumer Behavior
  • STP

Marketing Research

  • Marketing Strategies and Plans
  • Fields of Marketing (Retail Marketing, Service Marketing, International Marketing and Rural Marketing)
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Marketing Mix
  • Product Strategy and Product Line Decisions
  • Product Life Cycle
  • Pricing Decisions
  • Promotion Tools
  • Distribution

Advertising and Brand Management

  • Advertising
  • Media Planning
  • Brand Concept and Positioning

Human Resource (HR)

This module checks the strength of the candidates and identifies its weaknesses. In this module the candidate has to answer 22 questions in 25 minutes.

Detailed Syllabus of HR

Human Resource Management

  • HR Planning
  • Training and Development
  • Compensation Management
  • Performance Appraisal

Organizational Behavior

  • Industrial Behavior
  • Group Behavior
  • Organizational Structure and Design

Industrial Relations and Labor Welfare

  • Acts
  • Other Aspects of Labor Welfare


This module checks the MBA skills of the students which involves Operational Management, Laying greater emphasis, on the practical aspects of operations.

Total Number of questions =15 and has to solve in =20 minutes

Planning and Development

  • Capacity,Resource and Layout Planning
  • Process selection and Project planning

Supply Chain Management

  • Statistical Quality control
  • Control Chart
  • Sampling Operating Characteristic Curve
  • Basics of Quality Management.

Quality Management

  • Product Design and Development
  • Sourcing and Purchasing
  • Logistics and Warehousing
  • Inventory Management

Basic Statistics

This module checks the understanding power of basic concepts related to statistics, laying emphasis on quantitative methods and statistical techniques which are used to interpret statistical data so as to reach the meaningful conclusions.

The students has to answer 20 questions in 30 minutes.

Detailed study of Basic Statistics

  • Exploratory Analysis
  •  Statistical survey and presentation of data
  • Measures of central tendency
  • Measures of dispersion
  • Skewness
  • Design of experiments, sampling, sampling error.

 Statistical Inference

  • Formulating  null and alternate hypothesis
  • Type I and type II errors
  • z-test/t-test, p-values
  • Chi-square distribution
  • Confidence intervals
  • Correlation
  • Regression
  • Multivariate Analysis


  • Basics of probability
  • Probability Density function (PDF)
  • Cumulative Distribution function( CDF)
  • Standard Distributions

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