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AMCAT Memory and IO Management Questions 2019 – Freshers Jobs

AMCAT Memory and IO Management Questions (Computer Science module in AMCAT) 2019: Dear readers, we have got this question often that whether Computer Science section is compulsory to attempt in AMCAT or not. So to clarify on that, no this is an optional section. All the graduates who have studied this subject must take it up. The mandatory modules comprises of Logical and quantitative abilities and English language. In addition to these, Computer Science module is there, especially for all B.Tech(CSE) candidates. It consists of 26 questions. It includes topics like  basics of operating system and computer architecture, computer networks and database concepts.

Here we will be focusing on AMCAT Memory and IO Management Questions in detail.

AMCAT Memory and IO Management Questions 2019

To emphasize, most of the questions from this section are theoretical. Almost 3 questions come from this topic. The level of the questions can be tough, if the concepts are not clear, otherwise vice-versa. It takes about 2 minutes to solve these questions, as considered on an average. Hence its completely on your preparations that is going to work out there.

Furthermore, we will brief on the topic Memory and I/O Management.

What is meant by Memory and I/O Management?

When we talk of memory devices, RAM and ROM devices come into picture. All keyboard, mouse, touch pad, disk drives, adapters, USB devices, LED, On/off switch, network connections, audio I/O, printers are the input devices to the computer system.

An I/O system takes the I/O request from the application and sends it to the physical device. Again it carries the response from the device and sends it back to the application.

Any device that is connected to the computer is connected by a plug and socket. And the socket is connected to a device controller. The I/O devices, CPU and the memory and device controllers are connected to a common bus for the purpose of communication.

The below image illustrates the same.

AMCAT Memory and IO Management Questions

AMCAT Memory and IO Management Questions

The CPU also has ways to pass information to and from an I/O device.

CPU communicates with these devices in the following ways-

  • Special Instruction I/O
  • Memory-mapped I/O
  • Direct memory access (DMA)

Sample Questions on Memory and I/O Management 2019

Question 1:The hardware mechanism that allows a device to notify the CPU is called ___.
A. polling
B. interrupt
C. driver
D. controlling
Answer: Option B

Question 2: A process is thrashing if :
A. it spends a lot of time executing, rather than paging
B. it has no memory allocated to it
C. it spends a lot of time paging, than executing
D. None of these
Answer: Option C

Question 3: Thrashing _______ the CPU utilization.
A. increases
B. keeps constant
C. decreases
D. none of these
Answer: Option C

Question 4: The page table contains
A. page offset
B. base address of each page in physical memory
C. page size
D. none of the mentioned
Answer: Option B

Question 5: Run time mapping from virtual to physical address is done by
A. Memory management unit
D. none of the mentioned
Answer: Option A

Question 6: I/O hardware contains
A. bus
B. controller
C. I/O port and its registers
D. all of the mentioned

Answer: Option D

Download AMCAT Memory and IO Management Questions pdf

Download pdf from below link for sample questions. Click on below link to download sample paper.

AMCAT Memory and IO Management Sample Questions

Any comment on AMCAT Memory and IO Management Questions 2018 then please comment.

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