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Are we conformists?

Are we conformists? Aren’t we doing what we were asked to do without giving a second thought about its consequences on our lives? Yes, recent surveys show that today majority of individuals are biased when they make any decisions. In India, it starts from a very young age, actually if we see it depends largely on our upbringing. Our parents start this thing at the very beginning and their child ends up being a conformist. This practice is more evident in India where parents force their child into science field without considering his/her interests just because other parents are sending their kids to science field.

The main reason why we Indians are not able to excel in other fields is that we are traditionalists. We live in a country like India with a population of 1.3 billion but still, we only managed to get 28 medals in Olympics.

Arts one of the most underrated fields of study in India which is basically an expression of human creativity, human skill and imagination. There are many good colleges in India which offer courses on Arts like Manipal University Jaipur, PDM University, etc. Rather than filling seats in art colleges, parents want their wards to take admission in engineering colleges with poor ratings just because everyone is doing the same. We come across news of suicides every now and then and it is increasing at an alarming rate. Surveys show most of the individuals’ committing suicides. The students take these extreme steps because they are unable to cope up with their studies. Institutes such as PDM University have understood this trend of Indians citizens and have reduced seats for courses like arts and humanities where demand is less. The reason is simply because they lack the interest and are unable to cope up with the curriculum. Had it been a field in which they have interest, these events would not have happened.  The parents and teachers are still reluctant to get this idea clear that just because everyone is following this tradition, does not mean that will be good for their own child as well.

When it comes to sports preference also, people face peer pressure. Cricket is one of the most followed games in India. Many Indians choose their favourite game as cricket just because of people around them like the game and not because they like the game. There are individuals who have come across situations wherein they were mocked just because they don’t like cricket. Many people are not bold enough to accept this in front of everyone that they like some other sport because they are afraid whether the people around them will accept him/her or not. Ultimately, the idea is that we should follow our dreams without thinking about what our parents, friends or neighbours would think because they are not the one living that individuals’ life at the end. It will be you who has to live the life and the choice made by you should be unbiased. Your choice will play a huge role in your success whether it may be your personal life or your career because you don’t know whether life will give you a second chance or not.

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