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Cyient Technical Interview Questions 2019 – Important

Cyient Technical Interview Questions 2019 – Dear Candidates if you have appeared for written exam of cyient then i must recommend you to go thru interview questions for better preparation for the next round.


Cyient Technical Interview Questions 2019

If is very prevalent that interview questions are repeated and hence preparing the previously asked questions would give you and edge and confidence in interview.

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Technical Interview Questions List

Below are the list of topics which are frequently asked in cyient technical interview.

  1. What are Faradays laws?
  2. Explain OOPS concept?
  3. What is function overloading?
  4. What is Exception Handling in Java?
  5. Difference between ASP and JSP.
  6. What is pro C?
  7.  What are abstract classes (java)?
  8.  What are Interfaces (java)?
  9. Explain Searching and Sorting techniques mostly bubble sort and binary search.
  10. Explain ASP.
  11. Explain JSP.
  12. What is an abstract class?
  13. What is a trigger?
  14.  What is the difference between data ware house and data mining?
  15.  Draw the block diagram of UPS?
  16. Difference b/n battery and cell?
  17.  What are the differences b/n C and JAVA?
  18. What is kernel in o/s?
  19. Explain sliding window protocol in Computer Networks?
  20. What is piggy backing?
  21. What is a pointer? What is the memory taken by integer and char in a 32 bit compiler?
  22. Difference between Array and Structure? 
  23. What is the newer version of WINDOWS?
  24. What are the special features of VISTA?
  25. What is the Computer Economic?
  26. How the signal passes from one mobile to another mobile? Explain it.
  27. What is the operating frequency for the mobiles?
  28. What is the difference between micro processor and micro controller?
  29. What is the dead lock in Computer Networks? How can we overcome that?
  30. What is the DIODE? What are the 2 sides of a diode?
  31. Draw p-n-p and n-p-n symbols?
  32. What is the transistor?
  33. What is an amplifier? What are the types of amplifiers?
  34. Can you make a diode using 2 transistors?
  35. What is the difference between AC and DC?

If you have questions over Cyient Technical Interview Questions 2019 then please comment.

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