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Group Discussion tips for Freshers | dos and don’ts in Group Discussion round

Group Discussion tips and tricks to pass the GD round– Today IT companies are keeping Group discussion as one of the best tools to hire perfect candidates for an organization as they reveal certain attributes in people that are otherwise difficult to identify. Every Student is always worried about the Do’s and Don’ts of a Group Discussion.

Note: We advise all the aspiring candidates to read the tips, given here, carefully so as to avoid any silly mistake while in GD round.

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Group Discussion tips

Group Discussion tips to make perfect Impression in GD

GD is medium of healthy exchange of points/opinions/views on a given topic which ultimately shows the candidate’s confidence level and the way candidate is cooperating in the discussion.

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In most of the government jobs, IT company jobs and any job profile which needs a confident candidate then GD is being conducted. Usually 15-20 minutes are assigned for the discussion. Sometimes there will be a panel of evaluators of 3 to 4 members or at times there can be a single assessor. so lets know the Group Discussion tips one by one.

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Do’s and Don’ts of a Group Discussion on which GD is being judged:

1) Leadership skills/Team player: The quality of initiating, bringing back to discussion if the topic is getting deviated, summarizing points adds to the leadership skills.

2) Presentation skills: Putting forward your ideas, knowledge or opinion in a systematic way can become a point of attention. It makes you more noticeable.

3) Confidence and attitude: The right confidence accompanied with right attitude to put your opinion is must. Don’t be too aggressive It shows the domination nature in you.

4) Communication and interpersonal skills is must to make perfect impression in GD: The means of communication is supposed to be only English. So the proper use of sentences should be focused. The right tone of speaking and voice modulation to emphasize the keywords used is also important.

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5) Listening and reasoning skills: Listening skills are equally important as speaking. Reason out what you are going to speak is correct or not. Don’t just keep blabbering whatever comes to mind.

6) General Awareness is essential to make perfect impression in GD: The last but not the least you must be updated of what is happening around the world because general knowledge is something which attracts the evaluator and another thing is if you know about what is happening around you then definitely you will have more content to speak.

Do’s of  a Group Discussion

  • Have knowledge about the job and the company work areas.
  • Keep yourself updated with latest happenings.
  • Carry a pen, paper and Put down your thoughts on a paper.
  • Be well dressed and groomed.
  • Try to keep your phone in switch off mode, because these 20 minutes will be more important than that.
  • Initiate the discussion if you know the subject well else listen to others carefully.
  • Make a brief contribution of 20-40 seconds 3-4 times and give others a chance to speak.
  • If you are not agree then disagree politely.
  • At the End summarize the discussion if the group has not reached a conclusion.
  • Eye contact is indispensable during GD, no need to look at evaluators only.

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Don’ts of a Group Discussion

  • Don’t wait for your turn for too long, just find it.
  • Never over speak and intervene other’s chance to speak.
  • Don’t put any point that makes the GD argumentative.
  • Avoid usage of words like yar,um,means etc it shows low confidence in you.
  • Don’t look at the evaluators or a particular group member.
  • Avoid negative body language like touching the nose, leaning back on the chair, knocking the table with a pen etc.
  • Don’t panic. This is not the end of life.
  • Don’t be aggressive, put your views politely.
  • Don’t put others in an embarrassing situation by asking to speak if they are not willing to do so.
  • Listening is an art during GD, a good listener can be a good speaker.

The given Do’s and Don’ts of a Group Discussion surely help you in any group discussion but make sure you follow them and practice them in your regular discussions.

That’s all folks, we have covered the important (Group Discussion TipsDo’s and Don’ts of a Group Discussion For Perfect Impression in GD, still if you anything to clarify upon please hit you doubts in comment box, will we reply with the most appropriate answer.

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