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Elitmus Verbal Ability Questions Quiz 2018 – download pdf of questions

Elitmus Verbal Ability Questions Quiz 2018- All the candidates who has either filled eLitmus test registration or planning to fill the form need to know the verbal ability quiz and what kind of questions are being asked in eLitmus verbal ability question paper.

lets have a look at them (As per the latest pattern)

Elitmus Verbal Ability Questions Quiz 2018

All the Aspirants who are preparing for Placements must Attempt Elitmus to Opted for Top IT Companies. According to Current Placement Criteria Top MNC Companies are Hiring through Elitmus pH Test . Candidates Fulfilling the Elitmus Eligibility Criteria  Can attempt the Elitmus pH Test. Here are Some Questions Candidates can prepare for better preparation.

Elitmus Verbal Question Answers 2018

Directions :  Each sentence has one or two blanks. Choose the word or set of words that best completes the sentence meaningfully.

1. He went to the library ……… to find that it was closed.
(A) seldom
(B) never
(C) only
(D) solely

2. The ties that bind us together in common activity are so ………that they can disappear at any moment.
(A) tentative
(B) tenuous
(C) consistent
(D) restrictive

3. Her reaction to his proposal was ………. She rejected it ……….
(A) inevitable–vehemently
(B) subtle–violently
(C) clever–abruptly
(D) sympathetic–angrily

4. His ……… directions misled us we did not know which of the
two roads to take.
(A) complicated
(B) ambiguous
(C) narrow (D) fantastic

5. It would be difficult for one so ……… to believe that all men are equal irrespective of caste, race and religion.
(A) emotional
(B) democratic
(C) intolerant
(D) liberal

Answers :

  1. (C)    2. (B) 3. (A) 4. (B) 5. (C )

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