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How to get off campus placement – Best advise for Freshers

How to get off campus placement

If you are passing out in few months or already passed out from college and still looking for job then don’t worry, here i’m going to give you a handy guide on How to get off campus placement and believe me, It is going to be a superb read. Keep on reading.

This guide is based my personal experience and trust me, no one can stop you from getting a good job if you had decided so.

That’s simple?

Easyyy folks.. Don’t get high so early and Lets be pragmatic!

How to get off campus placement – Best advise for Freshers

In order to get a job, you need to muster up some skills and tinge your skills with confidence so as to get the needed first impression. Unless you become sham seller of your skills, it is going to be a long road. So start doing that today itself.

Start Selling your skills wherever/whenever you get a chance.

How do you achieve that?

In order to become a mastered skill seller, First of all, you need to know, your positive and negative points. I will advise, you jot down every single point on notebook and do this exercise alone while confronting yourself. No lies here please.

Why no lies? Because you should not be ashamed of your negatives while you must be proud like JOKER (Remember batman movie?) on your strengths.

Now i’m assuming you have noted down so lets move further.

Match you strengths with below enlisted criteria,

  • Communication Skill in English (Oral/Written)
  • Confidence and convincing loudness in voice
  • Dressing Etiquette
  • Clear understanding of all the basics of any subject (At least one subject – Preferably related to your branch)

Now real catch here is, if your positive points are matching with all of above points then i think, you don’t need any expert advice and ready to rock.

BUT, if any of these points sprawling in your negative points then my guidance will definitely help you out to some extent.

Lets start with one by one and learn the real life hacks on how to enhance communication skill, confidence, dressing sense and understanding of one subject.

Communication Skill

Most of us are puzzled on this point only. If you are from Hindi medium then i’m damn sure that you never cared to pay heed on English speaking and if had so you would have not came here searching for help.

Anyway what is the trick to improve now?

See, i told you in starting that i’m going to give you only realistic advice so please understand very basic formula of success that there is not shortcut for success and you need to work your ass off to get that.

So start doing below things without fail.

English Newspaper:

Install any English newspaper App (Times of India, Indian express etc) and read at least an hour on daily basis. In starting, you will find it little difficult to cope up but believe me it is well worth the effort and in no time, you will start enjoying it. I’m not suggesting you to read important news, you can read whatever you like, any random stuff (movie masala, interviews etc) of your choice BUT just try to read for an hour.

Hollywood Movies

Start watching Hollywood movies/TV series with subtitle. This is undoubtedly proven tact in improving English. When you listen someone speaking in correct English then your unconscience brain will start training you and in very sort span of time, you will see a BIG difference.

Note: If you don’t like Hollywood then try to download English subtitle for choice of movies which you likes. My intention here is that you should see people performing actions in English.

Start thinking in English

What? Yes, Natural phenomenon is just opposite to it. We first think in Hindi and then try to translate it into English. That’s lot of work you are doing. So try to inculcate this habit of “Thinking in English”.

These three tips will do enough for English Speaking Part.

Taking about Me: I’m Hindi Medium student and till 4th Semester (B.Tech), i had a little knowledge of English but later i improved multi-fold by working hard so i’m saying it again there is not substitute for HARD WORK.

Now lets move on to the next.


Its everything. You just name it. Confidence is sexy. Confidence is key to success and top of all, CONFIDENCE IS FREE.

Use it as much as you can. It works on the principal of “The More you spend, The More you gain

Try to do below things to improve confidence.

  • Talk to your juniors and guide them (On right path only :P). This way you will gain confidence.
  • Be a philosopher and try to discuss ongoing events with your friends irrespective of whether you have knowledge on that topic or not.
  • When you talk, talk aloud. This will help you in making your voice understandable to others and boost your confidence as well. This is one of the key positive points on How to get off campus placement.

That’s it on confidence.

The last two points are of less importance and self explanatory, and hence, you need to be well groomed while going for an interview which will help you in creating first impression.

When you improve English and Confidence, everything will flow towards you only. That’s the Magical trick I believe in.

I’m done here writing on How to get off campus placement. If you need any specific advice on How to get off campus placement then you can connect me on Facebook or drop a comment here.

I will be more than happy to help you.

Yours Truly,

Shankar Sesma

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