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How To Prepare For Group Discussion (GD) – Best Preparation tips

How To Prepare For Group Discussion (GD) : Best Preparation Tips for Freshers | Follow these tricks !!

Looking for tips to how to prepare for group discussion or you always feel less confident in gd. It is not a matter of whether you are doing gd in college placement or at some random discussion, you should know below tips to given the perfect impression in group discussion.

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How To Prepare For Group Discussion (GD)

Like i said, whether you are doing group discussion in college placement or at some random group/ friends, you should know below tips to given perfect impression in GD. How To Prepare For Group Discussion is most head catching discussion for freshers. IF you are Preparing for the Group Discussion, Sometime you may worry about How To Prepare For Group Discussion.

So first of all lets understand, What is the group discussion. later I will tell you do’s and don’s of group discussion.

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What is the GD (Group Discussion)

Group Discussion, Sometimes called GD, is a formal discussion or healthy exchange of points/opinions/views on a given topic. These days group discussions have become an important tool for selecting the right candidates for an organization as they reveal certain attributes in people that are otherwise difficult to identify. In most of the govt. jobs, GD is being conducted.

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Private organizations are also diverting towards GD because it makes easy the process of elimination. Usually, 15-20 minutes are assigned for the discussion. Sometimes there will be a panel of evaporators of 3 to 4 members or at times there can be a single assessor. People often tend to convert GD into a debate, which is completely undesirable.

how to prepare for group discussion

Tips and Tricks for Group Discussion:

Follow these tips for group discussion to make a perfect impression,

    1. Be thoughtfulIt may happen that you are allowed to carry pen and paper to jot down your points in the starting of the discussion. But there can be instances where pen & paper will not be allowed. In that case, you have to be very active and keep the points in your mind.
    2. Be the initiator: Try to initiate the discussion. It is said that ‘’First impression is the last impression’’,so be the first one to create the impression.
    3. Be fully attentive: Give 100% attention to what is happening in the discussion.  Be mentally and physically present over there. Show your full involvement. This will help you in adding more points to the discussion as well.
    4. Be comfortable and confident: Sit in a comfortable way so that you can fully focus there, otherwise, for the whole time you will be thinking,’’oh no this chair is not good, I should have sat in his place’’, like that.
      The second thing is being confident. Confidence is such an asset that even if you fake, people will believe you. Confidence plays a huge role in all aspects. If you speak with confidence, others will attentively listen to you.
    5. Be the leader: It is actually tricky to take the initiative of the whole team. But it is always advisable to grab this opportunity. You can bring back the entire group to the topic of discussion if it is getting deviated. If any sort of argument happens you can take the charge of calming it down. If anyone is unable to find chance to speak, you can take the initiative to give them a chance. It creates a positive impression in the eyes of the elevator.
    6. Subjective opinions: Use more of examples to clarify your point rather than using facts and figures ( A marginal error of 5% is acceptable) .Because there can be someone in the group who is having more precise knowledge of values and can contradict you.
    7. Prepare for common topics like female feticide, social media, IPL promotes betting etc. Try to look into general topics and don’t by heart all the terms involved in the topic thinking that you will put the best point out there, but this will ultimately end up in more confusions.
    8.  What If someone happens to speak your point:
      There can be cases when you thought of some point and someone else spoke it out. In these kind of situations, either agree to that and give your opinion as an add on to it or quickly think of some other points.
    9. What if you did not understand the topic:
      If this happens then you need not ask the elevator to explain it, rather wait for someone in the group to elaborate on it.
    10. What are the acceptable ways of interrupting somebody else, so as to make your point:
      You can interrupt in any of the following ways:

’’Excuse me, but I feel that what you are saying isn’t universally true.’’

‘’Yes, I agree with your idea, and I would like to add on to it’’

‘’Yes, I think you are right when you say that, but could you clarify what if……’

   11. What if the noise level is too high:
In this case the trick is you can agree to the one having the high pitch, and then he/she will carry it forward.

  12. Be the concluder: You can summarize the topic of discussion concluding everyone’s point of view.
This will leave an impression of yours that you were very attentive during the entire session.

Hope You Get Some Tricks Regarding How To Prepare For Group Discussion. Folks follow these Preparation tips for Group Discussion and give your best during GD ! Go on Home.

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