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Sample AMCAT Polymorphism Questions 2019 – Download pdf (CSE)

Sample AMCAT Polymorphism Questions (Computer Programming) 2019: For engineering candidates, it is essential to take up Computer Programming section in AMCAT. This section includes questions from Object oriented Programming (OOP) concepts and below we will discuss the most relevant AMCAT Polymorphism Questions.

Sample AMCAT Polymorphism Questions 2019 – Computer Programming 

AMCAT Polymorphism Questions

First of all, under Object Oriented Programming, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Encapsulation topics are covered. Mostly 4-6 questions come from OOP and it takes almost 40 seconds to 1 minute to mark relevant answers. In addition, the level of questions is easy to average. Another point is, the questions are  theoretical most of the time.
Furthermore, we will be going through an outline of Polymorphism and practice questions related to it.

About Polymorphism (Theory)

Here are some of the theoretical explanation of polymorphism with real-life examples. In addition, there are two types of Polymorphism- run time and compile time.

  • Polymorphism means to process objects differently based on their data type.
  • In other words it means, one method with multiple implementation, for a certain class of action. And which implementation to be used is decided at runtime depending upon the situation (i.e., data type of the object)
  • This can be implemented by designing a generic interface, which provides generic methods for a certain class of action and hence there can be multiple classes, which provides the implementation of these generic methods.

Lets us look at rather, the same example of a car. A car have a gear transmission system. It also has four front gears and one backward gear. So, when the engine is accelerated then depending upon which gear is engaged different amount power and movement is delivered to the car. The action is same applying gear but based on the type of gear the action behaves differently or you can say that it shows many forms (polymorphism means many forms)
Consequently, Polymorphism could be static and dynamic both. Method Overloading is static polymorphism while, Method Overriding is dynamic polymorphism.

  • Overloading in simple words means more than one method having the same method name that behaves differently based on the arguments passed while calling the method. This called static because, which method to be invoked is decided at the time of compilation
  • Overriding rather means a derived class is implementing a method of its super class. The call to overriden method is resolved at runtime, thus called runtime polymorphism

Download Sample AMCAT Polymorphism Questions 2019

AMCAT Polymorphism Sample Questions

Practice Problems on Polymorphism 2019 

Question 1
C++ supports run time polymorphism with the help of virtual functions, which is called …………….. binding?
A. dynamic
B. run time
C. early binding
D. static
Option A

Question 2
Which of the following operator is overloaded for object cout?
A. +
B. >>
C. <<
D. =
E. ()
Option B

Question 3
Which of the following concepts of OOPS means exposing only necessary information to client?
A. Abstraction
B.  Encapsulation
C. Data hiding
D. Data binding
Option D

Question 4
A virtual function that has no definition within the base class is called?
A. Pure virtual function
B. Pure static function
C. Pure Const function
D. Virtual Function
Answer: Option A

Question 5
Find the wrong statement/s about Abstract Class?
A. We can’t create its objects.
B. We can’t create pointers to an abstract class.
C. It contains at least one pure virtual function.
D. We can create references to an abstract class
Answer: Option B
Explanation: We can’t create pointers to an abstract class.

Question 6
Which of the following correctly describes overloading of functions?
A. Virtual polymorphism
B. Ad-hoc polymorphism
C. Transient polymorphism
D. Pseudo polymorphism
Option B

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