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Top 10 Tips How to Crack Job Interview – Do’s and Don’ts in Interview (Freshers)

Top 10 Tips How to Crack Job Interview – Good news for all the freshers candidates preparing for jobs that you can get here tips to crack interview in first attempt. There is a saying “DON’T STOP WHEN YOU ARE TIRED, STOP ONLY WHEN YOUR DONE”, Once in life we all have faced or will face personal interviews. Sometimes it becomes one hell of experience and the other day it is well done for us.

Top 10 Tips How to Crack Job Interview

This article featuring Top 10 Tips How to Crack Job Interview and Tips and tricks to Crack interview article, is all about, how to eliminate Interview Fear or Phobia to succeed in job interview with confident.Top 10 Tips How to Crack Job Interview

According to one of the research, it was observed that approx 80% of candidates suffer from Interview Fear. At the same time those who overcome the fear of interview, have a very high probability of being successful. Let’s find out what are they and how to overcome a fear of interview along with some useful Tips How to Crack Job Interview.

Understand Job Requirement

The First and foremost thing, It is very important to understand what is job profile and whether you and your qualifications fit in this profile or not…Always ask for Job Description before appearing for the interview. Identify your key strengths & be clear on what kind of candidate organization/company is looking for. By doing all this and decide one simple approach you will follow during the interview because once you are with interview panel you hardly get time for such thing.

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Overcome the Fear of Rejection / Losing

Ok let’s understand why we fear the interview, and my answer is quite simple, we fear only because we think about loosing/ rejection of something so it is very important that how we overcome the fear of loosing/rejection ??
Let’s follow some of the basic tricks to overcome it
1. It is very easy to handle this fear, by simply changing your attitude and approach towards the interview.
2. Self Confidence is very important and essential one, Always use this mantra “Appear in Interview with attitude as in you don’t need this job“. YES buddy, you read it totally right. Always appear in an interview with this attitude…This approach will boost your Self Confidence. As per some psychological researches, if we need something in life then we chase it..When we chase, we fear losing it even before getting it..1st focus should be to achieve that particular objective, once you achieve then only fear of losing comes into the picture. So appear in an interview with Full Confidence and with an Attitude that you don’t need this job. It will help you to overcome the fear of rejection or losing the job.

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What is the best thing you are bringing to the panel?

Always think this if you need a particular job then at the same time panellist or organization is looking for the perfect candidate. During the interview always focus on what all skill sets you have and please remember never ever roam on random topic it will only show that you are not confident.

Anytime discussion in your field give it an extra shot and leave a perfect impression that you are the guy who will benefit the organization…Job is also doing a business, in our daily life if we buy any product or hire any service. we always look at how this product or service will benefit us similarly you are also doing business with the organization and try to showcase how the organization is going to benefit if they offer this job to you. You should know your all competency and transferable skills.

Crack HR Interview with These Tips

Probable Questions & Answers

Once you are clear on Job Requirement, make a list of probable questions and practice on their answers , If you are not having enough time to do so then take a clear thought on what actually you gonna say  i.e. what all the questions interviewer gonna ask . discuss with your senior, find out on various sources ( is best one ), look on previous year interview questions for the same positions, Believe me if u do this exercise seriously, you will be able to find out at least 80% of questions which can be asked during the interview.

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Never be liar or fabricate your CV

Its the most most common mistake by most of the candidates that they add some extra point to their CV to showcase that they are multi talented but ultimately it will go against you because the interviewer will ask you questions upon that and your confidence will be checked. My sincere advice never ever fudge your CV, Panelists are smart & they will find out very easily that you have fabricated your CV. It can create a problem for you in future also after joining the organization.

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Never Argue with Interviewer

At any point don’t disagree with the interviewer in such a manner that you are arguing . It is advisable not to enter into any kind of  argument with Interviewer during the interview. Lets accept that the person who is taking the interview has more experience and knowledge than you , just listen carefully to him or her and incase you are not agree with the point you may deny in a positive and polite manner but dont argue to justify that your are correct.

Be Honest & Flexible

Always be honest during the interview. At any time If you feel like you dont know any answer just accept the same rather trying to give wrong answers. Never be rigid in your approach as the business environment is changing very fast these days. Organizations always give importance to people with flexible approach rather rigid in nature.

Interaction with corporate or similar people  

Social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Linkedin can be used for work opportunities and conversing with other people improving your interpersonal skills. If you are fresher for a job always work on your communication skills. Remember having a good technical knowledge is one asset but without effective interpersonal skills will not take you anywhere.

Personal Grooming is essential in Top 10 Tips How to Crack Job Interview

Personal is another most important aspect for an interview so spend time on personal grooming. This will keep you calm. You dont have to present yourself as a person full of nervous energy. Be energetic in the whole course of interview whatever the situations.

We tried to cover all critical points in Top 10 Tips How to Crack Job Interview post but if we missed any, you are most welcome to add a comment below . Also, you can comment for any of you query we will get back on the same section with appropriate help. Share the Top 10 Tips How to Crack Job Interview article if you Have worth reading it.

Rest is upon you , We know if you are reading Top 10 Tips How to Crack Job Interview then you can do it  !!!!!!!!!!!!

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